How did I get here?

What started as "CaribbeanBikes.com" in 2017. 

Initially this site was set up for our launching of new bike taxi and mobile bike repair businesses across the Caribbean/Atlantic Island region.  

However following the devastation of Hurricane Irma in this region I knew we had to delay any expansion.    Many of my friends lost their homes and all of their belongings, and many spent a terrifying night hiding in a corner or closet as their roofs were torn off their homes.    

My friend's home post Hurricane Irma.  

My friend's home post Hurricane Irma.  

There is no doubt this storm grew to such a size and strength due to increasing temperatures in our Oceans;  there is no denying this is going to be an increasing trend.    

What can we do to build better structures which can adapt to high winds,  establish communication systems which can connect thousands in extreme conditions, create infrastructures that can help people move to get the supplies they need when they need them.   These are all questions we MUST develop answers to in the immediate future.  

When I saw a post of thousands of bikes abandoned on the Playa following BurningMan there were a number of thoughts in my mind....but knowing the bike culture in island nations as I do one of my immediate thoughts was,  "We can use these...now!"   What followed was a series of calls, emails with amazing people responding which culminated in a sleepless night, long drive and lots of dust to pick up as many of these bikes as we could.  


We know that this will be a long term program and I am inspired by all the people who have reached out and helped out in the last 48 hours.   

I look forward to the future. 

With gratitude, 

Meg Kiihne